KJA offers a broad spectrum of bespoke services, including:

  • enabling international schools  to make links with UK independent schools

  • enabling UK schools  to enter into joint ventures with international schools

  • providing consultancy and advisory services to international schools, embedding the DNA of UK schools into them

  • providing recruitment services to international schools

  • introducing UK schools to investors (KJA represents individuals and schools whose strategy it is to set up schools in China and SE Asia.)

  • providing relocation services to overseas families

  • providing advice to clients of our partners on UK school/University choices


We have built a team of education professionals to work hand in hand with our client schools, international or UK based, to deliver progress and results in what can be challenging and time consuming projects. We know that ventures of this magnitude can positively benefit from a team dedicated to maintaining the momentum and energy required. Our team is made up of education professionals covering every element required from curriculum to legal, from tax to design & build.


We build and manage your trusted team and you have one point of contact - Mark or Rebecca. We believe that transporting, embedding and maintaining the DNA of a UK school is crucial for the ongoing success of a joint venture with an international school. We build relationships with organisations with proven track records in delivering education projects in China and SE Asia.  We do not believe in reinventing the wheel but forming strategic alliances with proven successful partners. We can work with you to explore all opportunities and to develop your strategy - exchange programmes, trips, Duke of Edinburgh opportunities, use of your facilities during holidays and teacher exchanges. Our consultancy and advisory service to international schools in China lifts the lid on the school by review and appraisal.   This enables us to acquire in depth knowledge of the workings and character of the school. With that knowledge, we can then introduce our UK school clients to potential partner schools where we believe there could be a natural fit.


Our client service model is uncomplicated – we are proactive, offer direct access and provide regular updates on progress. It’s that simple.